Throughout the collaborative process I assist you to:

  1. Identify your family’s and your own present and future needs

  2. Enhance your skills to discuss “hot” topics and resolve misunderstandings

  3. Manage strong emotions so you can be your most effective self

  4. Develop tools for negotiating mutually-satisfying agreements

  5. Be aware of reactive thinking so you can make reasoned decisions

  6. Build a co-parenting foundation that supports your children’s well-being

Individual Therapy About Divorce Issues

Individual therapy helps you develop skills to successfully move through the emotional stages of divorce.  You learn how to manage distressful emotions, grieve, and rebuild your life.

Co-Parent Counseling

To help you and your children’s other parent learn effective co-parenting strategies to reduce your children’s distress during your divorce process and beyond.  You learn skills for keeping your children out of the middle and meeting their needs as you parent among households.

Child and Family Therapy

Sometimes children need a place to process their own divorce distress.  I assist your children to work through their pain, keep themselves disengaged from parental conflict, and grow through this experience.

As needed, I also work with you in a combination of parent-child and single parent, and/or co-parent sessions to help you learn what your children are experiencing.  We work together to explore what you can do within your power to create the best possible environment for your children throughout the divorce process.

If you are a step-family, family therapy offers a roadmap to create family harmony and avoid pitfalls along the way.

You don’t have to go through divorce alone

Divorce is often one of life’s most difficult transitions.  Not only is it emotionally trying, but the divorce process itself is complicated and bewildering.  The experience can easily seem to turn your whole world upside-down.  I offer a variety of services to help you navigate the stages of divorce.  These include:

Collaborative Divorce Coaching

Collaborative Divorce provides a way to avoid the devastating emotional and financial effects so often connected with contentious divorce.  In the Collaborative Divorce model a team of lawyers, divorce coaches, a child specialist, and a financial specialist work together to help you and your spouse make the best possible divorce agreements with dignity and respect without going to court.

As your Collaborative Divorce Coach, I help you reduce emotional distress and resolve power struggles so you can reach quality agreements and create a better future for you and your family.

I assist you to keep the collaborative process constructive, negotiate from a position of personal empowerment, and reduce the impact of divorce on your children.  I also work in concert with your spouse’s coach and the rest of the collaborative team to help you and your spouse move positively to resolution.